Brexit Party to act as a pressure group after general election

By Kuheli Biswas

After the landslide victory of the Tory government this general election, the Brexit procedure will be picked up in full force. But as predicted in the exit polls, Nigel Farage’s Brexit party failed to secure any seat in the parliament this general election. Now the main question is what is next for the party.

Video editor: Kuheli Biswas

Richard Jones, Brexit Party candidate for Harrow West said: “The Brexit party has done its job in holding our politicians to account by respecting the democratic vote of 2016.”

Jones explains that the party was formed to enable fairer representation and as a ‘movement in creating a protest’ to facilitate the government in getting Brexit done and with a better deal from the European Union.

Now, with a Tory majority, he believes the government’s hand is strong enough to surpass a deal that would be in the best interest of the nation.

Founded about a year ago, the party had gained the largest number of seats during the 2019 European Parliament election. Farage recently told BBC: “It will become the reform party, it will campaign, one of the reforms being getting rid of the first past the post system and giving people a choice.”

While waiting for the result declaration, Jones says that the last couple of years in politics have highlighted that the two-party representation system is no longer feasible for the UK voting public trying to bring attention to an issue. People need representation for their cause and are often unable to place a member in the parliament that represents it because the voting demography required to win a seat is scattered.

The Brexit party, which Farage plans to rename as the Reform party will still “act as a pressure group on the two main parties who quite frankly are more than happy to keep with the status quo,” said Jones.

Originally Published on Westminster World on 15/12/2019 : Brexit Party to act as a pressure group after general election



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